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Join the ODiam Group offer you to adhere to the following websites:
– Tinted Windows Network: Network of the best companies laying tint windows for vehicles and buildings. Date of Creation: 2002. More than 100,000 pages views per month.
– Tinted Windows Workshop: Directory of the best companies of car and residential windows tint installer across the USA. Date of creation: 2007. More than 40,000 pages views per month .
– Network Film Tint Pro: Best business film professionals tinted sun protection and security. Date of Creation: 2005. More than 30,000 pages views per month.
– Wiki Tinted Windows: the only information website, legislation and articles dedicated the tinted windows, films and solar protection. Date of creation: 2008.More than 10,000 pages views per month
– Sun Protection Network: Network of the best companies of sun protection (tinted windows, opticians, and sunscreen). Date of creation: 2008. More than 10,000 pages views per month
– Installer centers: group of the best centers car glass treatments and Body fix. Date of creation: 2008. More than 10,000 pages views per month
– On line shop: best online stores for professional and individual audience. Interface access for group order to installation of car tinted glass, which lets you find new customers without prospect. This website allows you to obtain financing for equipments and film from your usual distributor. Date of creation: 2008.More than 10,000 views per month

Membership in Window Tinting Network starts with a first contact (fill out the form below). A sales representative will contact you within one week to one month, after checking the quality of your services and materials.

After verification of the activity and quality of work of the member company, it will be allowed or not to join the Window Tinting Network. If so, a monthly fee must be paid (debit). A monthly invoice will be issued to the member company. Membership is at least three months, with no termination fee thereafter.

The member will have the opportunity to write as many items as desired on the front page of the site by simply sending his article (attachments accepted) by email. It will have the opportunity to make ads, pictures, videos, services and advertisements (ads, parties, purchase / sale, discounts, rebates client, news articles, job, group control) in compared with tinted windows for residential and / or automotive. The member will publish the papers of his business indefinitely. The layout and editing of articles are provided by us upon receipt of the email.

In addition, the listing of your company in this very select business directory tinted windows allows you to improve the ranking of your website in no small way (a link to your site is present on each of our pages). We are continually working on internet referring, and members benefit from the first month of membership. The aim of the Network Window Tinting is continually appear on the front page on strategic keywords for your business.

The main objective of this portal is to redirect potential customers to the websites of our members and to generate requests for potential customers. The secondary objective is to raise public awareness of the profession of tinted windows and benefits of such a service.

We are working on internet referencing and the attraction of qualified potential customers for you