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How to install electroluminescent stickers

The electroluminescent panels may arise on all smooth surfaces and homogeneous as a car body, glass, PVC, or on the floor. They are always accompanied by a vested wiring to power the device. If some knowledge of electricity will allow you to connect the control module to a battery, for […]

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Installation of adhesive films and stickers

Wrapping can fill in many different needs and expectations. It can be applied on your windows or body car and offers a good advertising medium. In order to personalize your vehicle with your favorite colors or design, or to convey a special standard for marketing and advertising purposes, we can […]

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Wrapping, total covering and full wrapping

For your personal convenience, some will to change and personalize your car, or sometimes for professional use (advertising, marketing, communication…), you want to apply adhesive film and stickers on your vehicle. This process called wrapping or full wrapping, fills in different purpose, whether it is for personal color and design […]

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