News — February 29, 2012 at 12:06 am

How to install electroluminescent stickers

The electroluminescent panels may arise on all smooth surfaces and homogeneous as a car body, glass, PVC, or on the floor.

They are always accompanied by a vested wiring to power the device. If some knowledge of electricity will allow you to connect the control module to a battery, for building an electrician is required to secure the mounting of the sign or at least be formed by a distributor approved.

The animated logos consist of a first layer graph; it is the visible surface of the cover forming the contours and boundaries of the image. Partially transparent, electroluminescent stickers are waterproof, anti-scratch and anti-UV.

Below, the flexible panel shines a cold light intensity through the first layer. In additive color, all colors are perceived and the processor can reproduce ignition sequence. After wiring is hidden, the result is a brand logo or a vibrant slim line light took from the body. Associated with a cover digital printing, all achievements are possible with the only limit, that of imagination.

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