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Installation of adhesive films and stickers

Wrapping can fill in many different needs and expectations. It can be applied on your windows or body car and offers a good advertising medium. In order to personalize your vehicle with your favorite colors or design, or to convey a special standard for marketing and advertising purposes, we can provide a large range of solution.

Advertising stickers

ODiam Group has a well known expertise in installation of adhesive film on your windows and body car, with huge references as movie industry, famous brand, institutional vehicle… So we can personalize your car from the laying of tainted films with solar protection till the partial and total wrapping as well as security film for cars and residential. Let’s take advantage of our experience and confide us your work of wrapping and customization. We can propose you the solution you wait for.

Electroluminescent wrapping

Brand new vinyl can henceforth shine as bright as the LED: your vehicle displays a screen on its body. You can write what you want, draw what you want, animate all the campaigns you want on your car, motorcycle, bus, boat, jetski, offshore, aircraft

Solar films and window tinting

The Look
Tint adds dramatic styling to your vehicle. Choose from an array of different shades and styles – from the cool classy look to the beautiful blacked out look.


For those tired of driving in a fishbowl tint provides driving privacy. It’s your vehicle – your business. Keep those pesky onlookers guessing. Full privacy packages available, including full frontal windshields.


The film repels 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays keeping your cars’ interior cool and comfortable. You keep cool and your car looks hotter than ever.


Tint reduces dangerous glare, giving you a clearer, sharper, safer view of the road. In the event of an accident tint holds shattered glass together, preventing injury from flying glass.


Professional tint increases the life and value of your vehicle. Window tinting prevents age spots, dashboard cracking and fading vinyl, leather or suede seats.

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