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How to install window films

The glass opacification is obtained in most cases, by adding them on a thermo-sensitive adhesive film.

It comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, and glue directly into the surface considered.
The cars are characterized by their concave inner and require preparation prior to installation.

Side Window
Position the film properly on the outside of the door for ease of maneuverability. Sprinkle with soap and water for its surfactant properties between the glass and the film.

Custom cut the film using a cutter. The roundness of the glass will be a watermark of his line.

Properly clean the inside of the ice. Strip the door if necessary.

Remove the liner, wet glass. Apply. Make sure that the film covers the entire glass surface. Tinted glass spatula to remove your excess water.

Rear window
The thermo sensibility product overcomes the constraints of the forms often rounded rear windows (VW New Beetle, Mazda RX7).

The quality of the installation will depend on the quality of the film used, the dexterity of the installer and the complexity of the glass.

In any case, it is the setter to take the greatest care as to heat the film to be measured precisely under threat of burning area.

Position the window film evenly over the outside of the rear window.

Using a heat gun, heat and flatten the film with a squeedgee supplied with the kit.

Proceed with cutting the film to the size of the glass surface then paste as a side window.

That’s it, at work!

It is expected to increase, especially for a car as simple as a pick up.
Now, it is a craft in its own right….
These instructions are obviously not an exhaustive list of the method but in broad outlines for the sake of clarity.
If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact the nearest shop.
Good luck!

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