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Wrapping, total covering and full wrapping

For your personal convenience, some will to change and personalize your car, or sometimes for professional use (advertising, marketing, communication…), you want to apply adhesive film and stickers on your vehicle. This process called wrapping or full wrapping, fills in different purpose, whether it is for personal color and design wishes or to respond a specific graphics standards.

Our company is specialized and well known for its skills and experience in covering, for glass and body : tinted windows, solar protection for residential, car wrapping and full wrapping, security cover for body … We use to work for big customers whose requirements are very high as governmental institutions or international brand. We proved our efficiency and quality along a great experience with demanding customers.

Whatever is your request, we can manage it! Do not hesitate to contact ODiam Group, and benefit our consultancy and skills for your vehicles.

Total wrapping appears in extension with car customization stream. Wrapping is a technical process that implies the laying of decoration film on the totality or a part of your body car

Car customization and total wrapping

Using this process implies many advantages:
– Your body is protected against scratches and aging.
Decoration almost perfect and total
Customization with all sort of demands and every colors or design
– Changing unlimited : laying off and replace the film can be provided easily
– You can hide the imperfection of original painting
Electroluminescent vinyl animated all surfaces

Nevertheless, it has to be careful about the quality of the laying: the installation has to be done professionally to prevent the formation of air bubbles and / or the take off and deterioration of applied decoration.

Total wrapping for vehicles

Total wrapping assume the laying of tinted windows to avoid a big contrast with windows. For the optimal rendering, it’s preferable to include the laying of tainted film for windows at the same time of the wrapping of the body. Moreover, same technical process are used for the installation of decoration and colored glass based on installation of film, thermoforming, cutting, taping, etc. …

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